Typical Granite Countertop Pricing

Despite popular belief, granite countertops pricing is not as expensive, as long as you put some time into research and get quotes from a number of different suppliers. Granite countertops have colors as diverse as the rainbow and the pricing can also be just as diverse, so don’t settle for the first price that you see. When compared to marble, granite is far cheaper, and the strength of this rock will last a life time. Granite countertops are also customizable; you can shape them to fit any shaped space.

Granite supplies are readily available in the market and are cheaper when compared to some other  granite countertops  countertop materials. Because granite is such a diverse material, there are countless patterns and many variations in color, and these factors influence the price you will pay. One such variation is the mottled visuals; it is caused when two colors fuse together. This gives the counter top a semi consistent look.

The pricing may vary from as low as $50 to as much as $170 per square foot; it all depends on the quality of the material, thickness, location, and color variations. Because granite is not a pure substance, it may have other material in the makeup of the slab that can affect the strength of the final product. Shopping around and asking the relevant questions will help you to find excellent value even in more cheaply cut stones. You can have the perfect countertop at a reasonable price by doing the right research. Granite that is cut thin generally comes with support underneath this indistinguishable to the naked eye once proper installed, giving you kitchen the authentic look of a thick granite slab. This is one option that can reduce the price.

The number of cuts will also affect the price. Many cuts in the slab will cause the end product to look unpleasant and push up the cost of installation, due to greater technical difficulties in installing. If you plan on customizing your granite countertop, the manufacturer will be able to determine the best way to cut, or even to forgo cutting, to give your countertop a solid finish. This of course will add to the overall cost. However the final product will definitely have your family and friends talking about your beautiful granite countertop.

So to get the best granite countertop pricing be sure to do your research and also to shop around among the different suppliers. Follow this advice and you will have the designer kitchen look just like the ones that you always see in the home and lifestyle magazines. Caring for your countertop will ensure that it lasts a lifetime.

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